Welcome to Waggeryd Cell AB

Waggeryd Cell is a BCTMP producer owned by the ATA Group, a major Swedish producer of sawn timber. The very latest process technology makes Waggeryd Cell leading in quality and efficiency. The raw material is wood chips, mainly from sawmills belonging to the ATA Group.

Waggeryd news

New production record and delivery record for the financial year 180501-190430.

For the financial year, the annual production was exceeded by 6992 ton to 175556 ton and...

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30 Years of BCTMP production at Waggeryd Cell

30 years ago, the first bale was produced at Waggeryd Cell on May 19 at 5:30 pm in 1989.

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Progress of construction for a new Peroxide tank, scheduled start-up in October 2019

A step further to adapt to higher production the new tank will be 200 m3 and 4 times larger than the old one.

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Waggeryd Cell AB
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