New wash press leads to higher quality and increased efficiency

A new wash press has been installed in the bleach plant in order to improve the purity, in regards to odour and taste, and thus the quality of our BCTMP pulps. At the same time our production efficiency has increased. The start-up has gone very well and the wash press has also enhanced our quality level.

During week 40 a new wash press from Voith was installed in our two stage bleach plant. The position of the new press in the two stage bleaching leads to a better use of residual chemicals, which in turn leads to a more efficient bleaching.

“Waggeryd Cell always strives for a high and even quality of our products and our customers thus have high expectancies,” says Ulf Karlsson, MD, Waggeryd Cell. Our quality awareness includes the whole chain from receipt of wood chips to delivery. Pulp purity is very important for our customers as it has a direct effect on their board and paper products.”

“The wash press is one part of an investment programme of ca. 60 million SEK in total and the start-up has lived up to our very high expectations as regards quality targets and efficiency,” Ulf Karlsson finishes.

The new washpress
The new wash press has been installed in order to improve the pulp quality.
The new wash press from Voith was in operation from early October.

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