Waggeryd Cell has completed a 9 million USD investment

Mill’s production capacity has increased about ten per cent

The long-term strategy for Waggeryd Cell is to continuously increase production up to 175,000 tonnes per year by gradual investments in order to remove bottle-necks. By investing more than 9 million USD in additional air to air heat exchangers and a new wash press, the mill’s production capacity has increased about ten per cent.

Waggeryd Cell produces bleached CTMP pulp from pine and spruce saw mill chips. The main part of the production is sold to paperboard producers with the biggest market in Asia. The mill started in 1989 and since then about 75 million USD has been invested, out of which 14 million USD are environmentally related, raising the production capacity to about 150,000 tonnes.

Before the investment the flash dryer had one wet stage and two dryer stages for drying of the BCTMP pulp before baling. The flash dryer has been equipped with additional air to air heat exchangers to pre-heat the air to the wet stage. The previous wet stage now acts as a dryer stage, making the flash dryer a three stage flash dryer. This has increased the capacity by about ten per cent.

A new wash press has been installed in the bleach plant in order to improve the purity, odour and taste and thus the quality of the BCTMP pulps. The position of the new press in the two stage bleaching leads to a better use of residual chemicals, which in turn leads to a more efficient bleaching.

“We prolonged our usual 24 hour maintenance stop with one day and the installations of the air to air heat exchangers in the flash dryer as well as the wash press were done during 48 hours,” says Michael Nylander, Mill Manager at Waggeryd Cell. “Installation and start-up of the new parts were very successful and the total result is a higher production capacity and an even higher product quality. In addition to the production increase, the propane consumption in the flash dryer has been reduced, which is very positive.”

“We at Waggeryd Cell always strive for a high and even quality which also is in line with our customers’ expectations on our products,” says Ulf Karlsson, MD, Waggeryd Cell. “Our quality awareness includes the whole chain from receipt of wood chips to delivery. Pulp purity is very important for our customers as it has a direct effect on their board and paper products. We are always chasing bottle-necks, as well as energy and chemical consumption, and we can see that the aim with the investments has been achieved and that we have increased our already very high efficiency even further.”

Andritz is the supplier of the new air to air heat exchangers, and the new wash press was delivered by Voith GmbH.


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