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About us

Waggeryd Cell AB is a BCTMP producer owned by the ATA Group, one of the major Swedish producers of sawn timber. The very latest process technology makes Waggeryd Cell one of the leading BCTMP producers in the world as to quality and efficiency.

The wood chips used in the production mainly come from sawmills within the group.

Waggeryd Cell is specialized in manufacturing very high quality BCTMP pulp based on softwood from southern Sweden. Since the raw material only consists of wood chips from sawmills from a very limited geographical area, the raw material is very homogenous.

The mill has been modernized and optimized to produce high quality BCTMP pulp used by customers all around the world who mainly produce board for applications where purity, stiffness and bulk are of great importance.

The majority of the pulp produced is exported. The production capacity is approx. 175,000 tonnes per annum, which amounts to approx. 3,900 tonnes per employee and year.

Waggeryd Cell specializes in the production of high-quality BCTMP pulp based on southern Swedish spruce and pine

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