This February 26th, resulting in a daily production of 560,5 ton. The old record from November 2017 was exceeded by 12,3 ton.

This december we broke our yearly production record, resulting in a yearly production of 173949 ton. The old record from 2017 was exceeded by 7852 ton.

Production record

This May we broke our production record, resulting in a monthly production of 15709 ton. The old record from November 2017 was exceeded by 445 ton.

This november we broke our record for monthly production.
Thanks to a high availability and a high rate of production, the old record was beaten, resulting in a monthly production of 15264 ton.
This is the first time we have produced more than 15000 ton in a month. The old record was set in July this year.

Our record setting bale.

The financial year May -16 to April -17 resulted in a new production and delivery record.

The annual production record was exceeded by 15470 ton to 161507 ton and deliveries was exceeded by 12475 ton to 160313 ton. Our excellent quality on target defined from latest online technology by Gas Chromatography, PulpEye & CrillEye has contributed to the fact that we today can offer the cleanest high-bulky, good strength BCTMP in the market.

The ongoing work with preventive maintenance resulted in 2016 with the highest availability in the Waggeryd Cell history.
Continuous investment and work to reduce bottle necks in the production resulted in that the old annual production record was exceeded by 11325 ton in 2016.
New permit application to increase the production will be made in 2017.

A step further to reducing fossile fuel.

New environmentally friendly boiler.

Construction of the new boiler is progressing according to plan with start-up in September, 2016.
Here are some progress photos from the period October 2015 until April 2016.

The ground for the ash cellar getting started in October, 2015.
Groundwork and casting of the boiler house foundation.
Power and water connected.
Parts of the boiler are delivered and mounted.
The boiler and the building comming up.

During the planned maintenance shutdown week 41 the flashdryer has been upgraded and new screening has also been taken into operation.


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