Progress of construction for the new Biomass boiler, scheduled start-up in September 2016.

A step further to reducing fossile fuel.

New environmentally friendly boiler.

Construction of the new boiler is progressing according to plan with start-up in September, 2016.
Here are some progress photos from the period October 2015 until April 2016.

The ground for the ash cellar getting started in October, 2015.
Groundwork and casting of the boiler house foundation.
Power and water connected.
Parts of the boiler are delivered and mounted.
The boiler and the building comming up.

Upgrading and new equipment

During the planned maintenance shutdown week 41 the flashdryer has been upgraded and new screening has also been taken into operation.

Pressrelease – Waggeryd Cell leaves LPG and invests 60 million SEK in a biomass boiler

Waggeryd Cell in Sweden invests 60 million SEK in a biomass boiler in order to replace LPG with bioenergy as energy source for the flash dryer. The ground work is just about to start. The mounting of the boiler will begin during March 2016 and the start-up is scheduled for September. The mill’s emission of fossil carbon dioxide will be reduced by 85 %.

Waggeryd Cell produces bleached CTMP and ever since start-up in 1989 the whole production has been flash dried using LPG as heat source. When the new boiler has started in September 2016, LPG will be totally replaced by bioenergy. It is a grate boiler with an effect of about 12 MW. The supplier is Urbas, an Austrian company specialising in systems designed to extract energy from wet and coarse wood fuels from sawmills, woodworking factories and general forestry thinning. It is a turnkey project and Urbas is responsible for the whole delivery, including projecting, mounting and start-up.

“This is yet another of the environmental investments we have done since we began modernising the mill fifteen years ago,” says Ulf Karlsson, MD Waggeryd Cell. “By replacing LPG for our flash dryer with heat from the new biomass boiler we will reduce our emissions of fossil carbon dioxide by 85 % at the same time as we reduce our costs. The boiler will be fuelled by sawdust, oversized wood chips and fibre residuals from our process as well as bark and fuel wood mainly supplied from our owner ATA Group’s sawmills.”

”So far we have invested about 500 MSEK, out of which about 95 MSEK are environmentally related, in the mill. It has raised our production level up to 150 000 tonnes of bleached CTMP pulp made from spruce and pine sawmill chips. Last year we scored yet another production record and increased the production by 6 000 tonnes of pulp. The investment in a biomass boiler will contribute to a long-term profitable and sustainable Waggeryd Cell,” Ulf Karlsson ends.

Urbas, with head office in Austrian Völkermarkt, has been designing, building and pioneering energy systems for use of biomass fuels for over 20 years. The company has realized and established over 1000 plants throughout Europe with power ratings ranging from 500 kW to 25 MW.

By replacing LPG with heat from the biomass boiler as heat source for the flash dryer, the emissions of fossil carbon dioxide will be reduced by 85 %.

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