Our history

Between 1904 and 1983 Munksjö AB produced sulphate pulp in the mill and was an important employer for the community of Vaggeryd. When Munksjö in 1983 concentrated pulp production to the Aspa mill, the Waggeryd mill was closed. In 1987 the old Munksjö mill was bought by Tage Andersson together with a business partner. A few years later Tage Andersson and the ATA Group became the sole owners of Waggeryd Cell. From the old sulphate pulp mill the original infrastructure was used as a basis for the new BCTMP mill that started production in 1989.

The BCTMP mill was originally built to produce 60,000 tonnes per annum but after a comprehensive investment programme, initiated just ten years after the start-up, the production has gradually been increased to today’s 185,000 tonnes per annum. The investments resulted in a considerable quality improvement of the end product. In spite of the fact that the production volume has increased by 200%, the environmental situation has improved, with effluents being significantly lower today than when the mill first started.

All actions taken has made Waggeryd Cell one of the most modern and efficient BCTMP mills in the world.


Waggeryd Cell AB
Götafors Industriområde
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